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Q: -Who needs to see a counsellor?

A: - In my view, everybody would benefit from allocating some time to explore one’s feelings and thinking process. A counsellor's role is to help the client understand one's issues, explore the feelings and support, to find one's own answers and gain in confidence in an empathic, non-judgmental and safe environment. This may prevent building up Stress and Depression. However, if someone is already feeling down and the daily struggle is becoming too hard to face, Counselling and CBT can help to explore the thinking pattern in order to highlight the maladaptive perception to restore good mental health.

Q: - What is the difference between a counsellor and a Life couch?

A: - A counsellor has no agenda; a counselling session will be unfolding in 50 minutes of talking therapy in which the client brings whatever issue he/she is concerned with in that moment. The counsellor will provide a safe space to empower the client to find his/her own answers BACP membership should be a guarantee of ethical practice. A life coach, however, has an agenda: My agenda is to make my client comfortable with who he/she is and make improvements in needed areas. Life coaching is directive and it has some educational goals as a final target. It is practical, it doesn't happen in 50 minutes in a consulting studio, but it moves out of the studio into the gym, the kitchen or the supermarket. It is about changing old habits and replacing them with new, healthier, constructive ones.

Q: - How long will I need a life coach?

A: - It varies. You may want to have 6 sessions in which you get given the basic tools for change and then you trust yourself to be able to implement the changes into your life, or you may choose to make use of your life coach as a day to day motivator. You may want to take me to the gym, to your supermarket or you may decide you want to spend some time re-designing yourself and prefer to have confirmation that what you are doing is working. The client can take it as deep or as lightly as he/she wishes. My goal is to wake up your better self and to help you to believe in it .

Q: - Is it expensive? Will I be able to afford it?

A: It may be considered a bit of a luxury, but I would like to be able to include in my clientele all type of people from different financial backgrounds. I will calculate my fee according to my client's income, financial situation, and reasons for needing my service. Each invoice will be personally tailored to the client's possibilities and needs. I would like to be able to be considered affordable by the less wealthy as often they are more in need of a life coach than the more fortunate.

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