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How does this take place?.

  • With the arrival of COVID, I had to reduce my activities and return to the essential, which it is the relationship we will develop online. The first time we will talk, you won't need to pay me any money. after you contact me, we will arrange an appointment with the medium of your choice, and we will virtually meet. This is an opportunity for me to make an assessment of your needs and assure that hey are compatible with my frame of work and for you to decide if you want to keep working with me or you prefer to move elsewhere. I will need to get to know you a little. so i will ask you to be open with me and tell me about yourself.

  • You and I both will decide of you are a person who prefer a more theoretical approach, if you like talking, exploring your feelings, looking to find your own answers to your questions, activating an healing process, or if you prefer a more directive approach, more practical, more solution focused. For example, let's imagine that you don't feel secure of yourself, let's picture a scenario in which you feel you have been left behind because you find difficult to asert yourself. We can look at the reasons why you have this difficulty and re-establish new thinking patterns with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or we can see what makes you insecure; you may be overweight and this is dragging you down, you may have a difficulty to accept some part of your body. If that's the case, we will establish if you can learn to love yourself as a whole, including what you see as flaws or if you want to change the flaw, get rid of it. I must make a disclaimer at this point. Changing the way you look won't make you a different person. If you believe that, by loosing weight you'll suddenly acquire the confidence you never had before, you better think again; however, if being overweight has been causing you pain and has interfered with your achievements, it may be a good idea to support you in loosing the unwanted pounds. And, once again, in supporting you to do so, I can be as directive as you want me to be. We can look at your fridge and make a selection of the food you will keep eating and what you will ditch, we can work a good exercise plan which it is guarantee it will make you fitter and slimmer, we can look at your wardrobe to identify the garments that most become you and reinforce your style. Alternatively, we can work on enable you to accept yourself as you are. If the extra pounds are not affecting your health, you should be able to decide not to change to fit a beauty stereotype. I can help you toward self-acceptance.

  • My practice aims to work with older people. I If i have done one good thing in my life which i am proud of, it has been my ageing well. My colourful past, despite having been .... well.... eventful, hasn't left scarring in my body and my mind is not regretful. I have had some dischiplines that have heped me along the way and I would like share them with you

  • Counselling, coaching and mentoring

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • Guided meditation-mindfulness

  • Online Yoga classes

  • Online resistance training

  • Healthy eating advice

  • Style and fashion consultancy

  • Aromatherapy

  • personalised hand made facial and body products

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