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Alberto Pavan Counselling in Camberwell, South East London & Alberto Life coach in Camberwell and Kennington

About Counselling

Counselling - is a form of talking therapy that aims at the exploration of life events and the way they affect you. Counselling can empower you to understand your perception and take control over unwanted negative feelings. Alberto Pavan Counselling in Camberwell and Kennington offers a range of counselling modules:

-CBT: - is a solution focused, evidence based therapy module aiming at improving your thinking pattern. Through goal-setting and changing how you think about a specific problem, CBT can help to change negative emotions, harmful behaviours and maladaptive thoughts.

Integrative Counselling is a pragmatic form of talking therapy that takes the required tools from a range of therapeutic approaches to suit the moment and the client's personality and needs.

Life coaching is a practical way to support you to achieve your goals. People usually ask me to support them with changes they want to make in order to improve the way they look. (loose weight, be fitter, have a better muscular tone) . The change is desired, but the will to take action to make it happen is not as good as one planned it to be. Often one ends up feeling frustrated and in need for comfort. The comfort is often represented by the problem we are trying to get away from. The parados is that, I believe that, in order to be able to make changes, one must learn to self-love as one is; unconditionally!! once self-acceptance is achieved, then the change will be much easer as it no longer is a condition of worth

About my services . Triceps

FITNESS THERAPY - it is a new service I will use therapeutic skills and combine them with my great passion, a passion that has been built and developed in a later stage in life: keeping fit and prolonging a youthful and strong body. I want to share my passion and my enthusiasm with you.

Life coaching is a description that can have different meaning to different people, I will try to clarify what it is for me and who I do not claim to be; I am not quite sure of the meaning myself but this is not quite what I am offering. I am offering something new. As far as I know, I am the only person that offers such service: Fitness therapy

What I am not

  • I am not a psychotherapist - Both as a counsellor and a fitness therapist, we won't be exploring your unconscious mind. My agenda will be helping you to keep up your motivation and to change maladaptive , rigid core-beliefs into more rational and helpful ones.

  • I am not a dietician - Although I have a good idea of what's indicated to constitute a healthy diet and I have gained a certain knowledge of what diet will help to lose or increase weight, based on personal experience, research and common sense, I am not a formally qualify dietician or nutritionist. My help will be based on giving you encouragement, support and motivation to change eating habits that are not helpful and replace them with your own choices of healthier food - taking into account your taste, your cultural background, and your fitness targets.

  • I am not a fashion guru - Despite having studied for 3 years at the Academy of Fashion and costume design in Rome, I am not a Fashion fanatic. I deeply believe that taste is relative and that the concept of elegance is personal and transient. I have retained, however, a certain eye for volumes and shapes and a dexterity to use colours to enhance how one looks . IF YOU WANT, we can explore your wardrobe, dump what is no longer you and highlight what becomes you. I am good at it. I have dressed myself from charity shops for many years. It is a fun and economical way to toy with fashion, design, shapes and colours. I can help you to re-design your look.

    Who I am

    I am an experienced counsellor and CBT therapist with years of experience in the Substance Misuse Field and as an NHS practitioner in GP surgeries . Because of my work in this field I came to realise that most individuals have a tendency to addictive behaviour. We all like to take or do something that "fix" us(cigarettes, coffee, tea, television, sex, comfort food and so on). We learn to rely on these elements and we end up telling to ourselves that we need them. I am also aware that there is a big gap between taking a decision to make a change and to actually effectuate that change. If one has to plan her diet for the next week, she probably will put together quite a healthy diet, but if one is hungry now, probably she'll end up with a tub of greasy chips. It is easy to make positive resolutions and commitments for the future, but in the here and now we tend to indulge.

    I will adapt my experience to your life and help you to reach new self-perception, more positive, optimistic, and to maintain a youthful attitude. I also will share with you of my competent knowledge about how best to use a gym and get the best results.

    In 2003 I qualified as a masseur and an aromatherapist (ITEP diplomas) and I completed a YMCA Personal Trainer course. I am about to reach my 60s and I have used the gym to keep my body youthful and fit which has helped my mind to feel mature and experienced rather than old and sad - I now want to pass on these skills to whoever has the desire to maintain a healthy body and a youthful mind.

    In my studio in Camberwell/Oval I have some basic equipment available to my clients to start those that do not feel yet able to enter a public gym. While I train you I will listen to you, your day to day difficulties and help you to re-think them in a way that you will be able to experience them in a less heavy and disabling way. CBT theory states that It is not the event that upset us, but our perception of it With this principle in mind it is possible to tap into your rational thinking and re-dimension events that appear to be impossible to resolve and turn them in doable tasks with your focus on the solution

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