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COVID 19 has affected everybody's life. We all had to adjust to a reality that would have been unthinkable just few weeks before. Life as we knew it is no longer suitable to these times of mass-infection and need for distancing.

We all had to implement changes to our lives. A new life-style had to replace our daily routine which made us feel secure and safe, creating the ground for feelings of uncertainty and doubt.

Our lives and our self have been stripped of our previous understanding and Know how. We had to quickly learn to adapt to a much harder reality. Many of the human contacts we used to rely on and take for granted have escaped us and even our sources of validation may have been affected.

You may like to talk about how to make the best of this extraordinary situation and turn it to your advantage.

Counselling: a very popular form of talking therapy suitable to all individuals. It is safe and it can help with many mental health related issues. I provide a safe and confidential space to explore yourself and increment the chances to find your own solution to your problems. I have updated my practice to take into account the safety measures dictated by this government and the sessions are now offered online, making use of whatever medium you would like to use.

  • Zoom

  • Skype

  • WhatsApp

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - is a solution focused, therapy module aiming to improving your thinking pattern. Through goal-setting and changing how you think about a specific problem, CBT can help to change negative emotions, harmful behaviours and maladaptive thoughts.

    Integrative Counselling is a pragmatic form of talking therapy that takes the required tools from a range of therapeutic approaches to suit the moment and the client's personality and needs.

    Life coaching is a practical way to support you to achieve your goals. People usually ask me to support them with changes they want to make in order to improve the way they look. (loose weight, be fitter, have a better muscular tone) . The change is desired, but the will to take action to make it happen is not as good as one planned it to be. Often one ends up feeling frustrated and in need for comfort. The comfort is often represented by the problem we are trying to get away from. The parados is that, I believe that, in order to be able to make changes, one must learn to self-love as one is; unconditionally!! once self-acceptance is achieved, then the change will be much easer as it no longer is a condition of worth

    About my services . Alberto Pavan Counselling

    About my services . Triceps

    Training facilities

    Once the pandemic is over, I will resume this service.

    My Counselling Studio in Camberwell is equipped as a home gym. If you prefer to train in a private space, far from the crowd with a very experienced trainer that can put together a programme tailored to your needs and goals and that can motivate you to want to improve yourself in a methodic, realistic and effective way, I can offer to you this possibility

    You will soon agree with me that, once your body is feeling healthier and stronger, you will feel energetic, motivated and you will forget all about having felt depressed.


  • I am a ITEP qualified aromatherapist and, although my aromatherapy massage is obviously on hold because of the pandemic, I can still provide you with an online consultation and select a synergy of oils that will help you with a range of issues. I can also offer to you to produce a small, hand-made, person tailored range of products that can help maintaining your skin looking youthful. I am my own advertice, I use these product myself and at 62 years of age I am proud to have very little wrinkles problems

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