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Ageing well - Over 50s blues - Difficult to adjust to your age- There is a lot you can do

Situated between Camberwell Green an Kennington Park, my counselling studio is also equipped to function as a training room. Counselling is not the only available service. I have decided to exploit my personal interest for physical fitness as a tool against maladaptive, unwanted patterns of behaviour. It is not a cliché to attribute to a healthy body, the base for an healthy mind. The benefit received from feeling comfortable in your skin are innumerable. We can work with your self-perception in order to improve it. I can share with you m key-points to age in a way thatt you will never again feel embarrassed to confess your age. Men and women over 50 feel the pressure to conceal their real age for fear of being rejected by a fundamentally ageist society. we can change this need and by doing so we can change the ageism attitude. You can be whatever age and feel great. And you can look at your best.
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    I acknowledge that between the decision to change and making that change happen there is a sea of doubts, procrastinations, set-backs, indecision, guilt.
    Long or shot term counselling can help . Counselling will support you in keeping your focus. Counselling also can help you to dispose of unwanted returning thoughts. Counselling is not only for problems. Counselling can help you to savour your life. Counselling buys you some time for you to be yourself. My job as a counsellor is to help you to know yourself in order to accept yourself as you are. Only love for the self can give life to constructive change . But Counseling in Camberwell & Kennington, South East London, is also a space for you to give life to your plans of re-designing your whole persona. I am also a Life Coach and can help you to get you motivated to obtain the fitness you want and deserve

    As a counsellor I can provide for you the space to explore the dynamics that have kept you not quite satisfied with yourself. A counsellor is there to enable you to evaluate your situation and find valid answers that will determine change

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  • I, Alberto Pavan, Life Coach, Counsellor and CBT therapist, can help you to achieve your goals and make the best of what you were given by mother nature.

  • Life Coaching in Camberwell & Kennington in South East London will help you change your attitude towards how you look and feel. Find the determination to make those changes you always wanted to make.

  • I, Alberto Pavan, experienced practitioner in the ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOUR field for more than 15 years, can help you challenge those self-defeating habits and replace them with a healthy regime.

  • I, Alberto Pavan, have used my counselling skills to help people to make fundamental changes. I have been able to witness the turning of people's lives from chaos to success. I want to use my counselling and CBT skills to help you. I want to be your Fitness Therapist

  • From my studio in Camberwell/Kennington, in South East London, I will offer you a Free Consultation to discuss a tailored Life Coach plan for your needs.

  • My charges for the service, like for counselling , vary on a scaling system. Fees are calculated on incomes so that my services are affordable to all. Invest in yourself and let me be your Fitness therapist

  • Counselling and Life Coaching Practice in Camberwell Kennington, South East London

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