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A newly updated Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring service that takes into account the complexity of this new reality imposed by COVID-19


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Have you ever asked yourself why age doesn't seem to affect some of the people you know, when others seem to be getting older much too fast?

Have you noticed how much faster time appears to be once you've passed your 40?

More than a Counselling Practice in South East London

I am Alberto, a Counsellor and a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist practitioner. I offer a counselling service with a difference: although I am happy to provide counselling and CBT in the traditional formula, my Counselling practice is particularly suitable to people who are facing problems related to ageing. These problems may be related to what is usually defined as "having a middle age crisis" or they can relate to a variety of reasons, which they might include:

  • Negative self-perception

  • Difficulty to relate to self-image

  • Retirement related depression

  • Loneliness and boredom

  • Facing ageism

  • Menopause

  • Changes in your libido

  • ...and many more

  • < A Counselling practice in South-East London that can help you to change your self-perception and give you back your lost zest for life.

    is very easy to allow a fundamentally ageist environment to affect the way we feel about ourselves and compromise our right to have a fantastic future as old people. Old means experienced, mature, knowledgeable. Old is not a dirty word. Too many negative associations have been made in regard of this word. It is time for old people to reclaim it as a chosen word to be used with pride. Don't be afraid to be old! Challenge the stereotype!

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    FITNESS THERAPY - Kennington

    - Counselling in Camberwell & Kennington, South East London

    - Be fit -

    - Be healthy -

    - Be confident -

    - Be beautiful -

    - Be your best -

  • I, Alberto Pavan, Life Coach, Counsellor and CBT therapist, can help you achieve your goals and make the best of what you were given by mother nature.

  • Life Coaching in Camberwell & Kennington in South East London will help you change your attitude towards how you look and feel. Find the determination to make those changes you always wanted to make.

  • I, Alberto Pavan, experienced practitioner in the ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOUR field for more than 20 years, can help you challenge those self-defeating habits and replace them with a healthy regime.

  • I, Alberto Pavan, have used my counselling skills to help people to make fundamental changes. I have been able to witness the turning of people's lives from chaos to success. I want to use my counselling and CBT skills to help you. I want to be your Fitness Therapist.

  • From my studio in Camberwell/Kennington, in South East London, I will offer you one Free Consultation to discuss a tailored Life Coach plan for your needs.

  • My charges for the service, like for counselling , vary on a scaling system. Fees are calculated on incomes so that my services are affordable to all. Invest in yourself and let me be your Fitness therapist.

  • Counselling and Life Coaching Practice

    Kennington, South East London

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